Make your own camera lucida!
This page is the central repository for our DIY NeoLucida materials.

  • Do you have one of our NeoLucida DIY Prism kits? Instructions for creating your own NeoLucida are being published here, with more information appearing every day.
  • The NeoLucida is Open-Source Hardware. Plans and CAD files will appear here shortly.
Basic Design Specifications
Dimensions and properties of the NeoLucida optics, and how to approach your own design.
3D-Print Your Own Prism Eyepiece
Have a DIY Prism Kit? Download our .STL files for 3D printing on your own 3D printer, or by a service bureau
Easy Solutions for Flexible Mounts
Coming Soon: A variety of commercially-available articulated mounts for your custom prism-mount eyepiece
Hack a Prescription NeoLucida
Mod your NeoLucida with your own eyewear, so that it best accommodates your poor vision
A General Trick for Adding Filters
Improve or extend your drawing experience in a variety of ways with filters, polarizers, gels, and lenses.
OSHW Logo Extruded by LukeChilson The OSHW NeoLucida
Coming Soon: Open-Source Hardware specifications for the NeoLucida.
Historical Camera Lucida Designs
A variety of different camera lucida design documents and patents, from 1807-1972