The NeoLucida is a drawing aid that lets you to trace what you see.  

It’s a modern reinterpretation of the camera lucida, an indispensable drawing tool popular in the days before photography. 

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The award-winning device that started it all! This is the original prism NeoLucida. Compact and non-electronic, the ghost image is sharp and bright! Includes pencil and storage pouch.

Ages 9+ 

US $39 (Reg US$55)

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NeoLucida XL

The all-new NeoLucida, redesigned with a portable, folding extra-large viewer. Includes light-balancing shader and storage pouch. 

Ages 7+

US $75

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What happens when two art professors revive an obsolete art technology? 

Learning to draw is frustrating. 


Even if you’re good at it, drawing can still be frustrating. Both the NeoLucida and the NeoLucida XL are simple technologies that may make learning to draw a little less discouraging, and perhaps a little less intimidating. As a modern reinterpretation of the camera lucida—a 19th century optical drawing aid—the NeoLucida is part of a rich history of drawing technologies aimed at helping people draw.

As someone who likes to draw, and has drawn consistently since I was little, I was surprised by how many people were drawn to (pun intended) these tools I make. Despite high resolution smartphone cameras in our pockets, people like to draw, and a lot of people have the desire to learn to draw.

So what is The NeoLucida Project all about?

  1. Reviving historical art technologies that help people draw, in order to:

  2. Demystify drawing and explore how people—past and present—learn to draw.

Drawing accurately from life is not a superhuman ability reserved for "gifted" artists. Armed with a little knowledge and a lot of practice, I believe anyone can learn to draw. Tools like the NeoLucida might help getting started a little less frustrating. 

Who’s behind this project? The original NeoLucida was created by art professors Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin, after long conversations about art and technology and history. NeoLucida is manufactured in partnership with Big Idea Design. In 2013, 11,406 Kickstarter backers made the original NeoLucida possible. In 2017, Pablo launched the completely redesigned NeoLucida XL, supported by 5,229 backers on Kickstarter.

The NeoLucida was named WINNER of the Best DIY Designs of the Year by CORE77!

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