NeoLucida XL

The NeoLucida XL is an update to the original prism NeoLucida. It works just like the NeoLucida: Look down into the eyepiece to see a ghost image of your subject on your paper. The NeoLucida XL uses mirror and glass to provide an extra-large viewing area. This makes the NeoLucida XL even easier to set up and start drawing.

Use the NeoLucida XL for portraits, landscapes, still-life, or image copying. Fold it up and store it in the custom pouch provided and take it on the road or to your studio.

The NeoLucida XL was launched in 2017 and was supported by 5,229 backers on Kickstarter.

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How it Works: NeoLucida XL, a See-Through Camera Lucida

The NeoLucida XL is a “see-through” camera lucida design. The optical arrangement is a setup where you see straight through to your paper with a reflected ghost image of your subject superimposed.

In the NeoLucida XL, the angled glass is partially silvered, making it highly reflective but also maintaining enough transparency to see your paper. Instead of reflecting your subject, the partially-slivered glass reflects a mirror facing your subject. This double reflection (once at Number 1, then again at Number 2) means your ghost image is both right-side up and correct left-right.

NLXL Diagram 2400px.jpg