Partners and Collaborators

The NeoLucida project was initiated by Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin, and was designed and manufactured in close partnership with Big Idea Design, LLC. We are profoundly grateful to Joe Huang and Chadwick Parker from Big Idea Design for their expert collaboration on this adventure, and to our families for their patience and support during the process.

The NeoLucida was conceived and nurtured at the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. We express gratitude to the STUDIO and its staff, to the School of Art and the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, and to the Department of Contemporary Practices at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, for their institutional support of this project. The NeoLucida would not have been possible without the revolutionary crowdfunding apparatus of Kickstarter; we thank the Kickstarter company and in particular John Dimatos and Stephanie Pereira for their advice and mentorship during the campaign process.

The following individuals contributed special skills and support to the development of the project:

Each of our 11,406 Kickstarter backers are valued collaborators as well, and have had essential (and sometimes very significant) roles in enabling and shaping the NeoLucida project. We thank our backers individually here on this page.

Founding Sponsors and Champions

We are grateful to the following individuals and companies for their significant and generous early support of the NeoLucida project, on Kickstarter and elsewhere: Ambriel, Anonymous (x4), Barry Threw, Colin Holgate, Ed Bruce, Florian “Flerv” Rohrweck, George Selembo, Intridea, Jeff Meyers, Jesse Wolfe and Monica Toth, Johann Wessels, Lisa C. Pedicini, Mark Cridge, Markus Fix, Sylvia P. Wells, Vicki Piazza Smeraldi, and Zack Carter.

The NeoLucida project has been featured at several festivals of new-media culture, including Eyeo (2013), XOXO (2013), the Open Hardware Summit(2013) and Resonate (2014); we are grateful to the organizers of these events for their kind invitations. We further express our gratitude to the journalists who helped spread awareness of our project: Andreea Vrabie, Anita Li, Annie Ianko, Ben Coxworth, Bram van Dijk, Bruce Sterling, Charlie Sorrel, Christina Bonnington, Christine Kitsati, Christopher Jobson, Colette Bennett, Cory Doctorow, Filip Visnjic, Ian Steadman, Jarosław Zachwieja, Jean Aw, John Anderson, Jolanta Stacziwa, Kerem Enginar, Kevin Holmes, Kyle Petreycik, Les Shu, Liz Stinson, Louis Adam, Margaret Rhodes, Meghan Young, Michelle Starr, Norman Chan, Raymond Hu, Tomoko Mukai, and Yang Hao.

Manufacturing Collaborators and Assembly Workers

The NeoLucida was assembled at the Win-Kid Plastic Products Manufacturing Company in Dongguan by Chen Chunyou, Huang Shanghao, Lei Liouxiu, Lu Fenglei, Lu Wenyun, Lu Zhongde, Meng Xiaomang, Pan Haihui, Sun Lujun, Wen Jing, and Zhu Wu Di. We are grateful to these dedicated line-workers, and especially to Li Jian (Factory Coordinator) and Lai Youmau (Production Engineer) for their assistance in realizing the mass manufacture and packaging of thousands of devices.


The NeoLucida project is dedicated to William Hyde Wollaston, inventor of the camera lucida; to all of the unsung 19th century inventors who spread and reinterpreted Wollaston’s creation; and to artist David Hockney, author of Secret Knowledge, who reawakened our wonder in this instrument and its history.

NeoLucida 2013 Kickstarter Backers

Here we gratefully acknowledge our 11,406 Kickstarter backers who made the original NeoLucida possible. [This list is current as of 16 November, 2013]

;-p r a b u!, @antsvensk, @CharlesCabebe, @Chennard, @CrappyMornings, @dimatosj, @driesderoeck, @dw1987, @errorik, @eventscape, @ilicco, @imoutoless, @mickell, @mylarmelodies, @NatashaCarolan, @stevekennedyuk, @TriangularArt, @ursooperduper, 0829am, 0aula Palmer, 1 Old fat dad, 1000 Woodcuts, 13ri, 18 time world champion Rick Flair, 2RE, 2school.

A Boring, A Jacob Cord, A Nonny Mouse, A Roque Chavarria, A Tiedgen, A. Ambigua, A. Emerson, A. Fritsch, A. G. Howard, A. Gray, A. Lebowitz, A. M. Overton, A. Milham, a. r. brooks, A. Regal, A. Watt, Åsa Funcke Nilsson, A.D. Lazauski, A.E, A.M. Garcia, A.P. Wildani, A.talbott, Aaliyah Belly Dance Tasmania AU, Aaron B., Aaron Barnes, Aaron C, Aaron Cantu, Aaron Druck, Aaron E. Silvers, Aaron Gaeddert, Aaron Grando, Aaron Hawk, Aaron Helton, Aaron J. Peterson, Aaron Koblin, Aaron Leis, Aaron Miller, Aaron Morgan, Aaron Robson, Aaron Ryan Gayah, Aaron Schames, Aaron Scruggs, Aaron Seltzer, Aaron U Salmon, Aaron Weller, Aaron!, Aaronryanbianca, aarphacker, Abbey Callaway, AbbeyHuggan, Abbie Read, Abby, Abby Chatelain, Abby Racco, Abel Hernandez III, Abigail Murray, Abigail Wright, Absinthia, Abster, Acadia Cutschall, acadiannie, Ace Miles, AceKool, Achal Aggarwal, acknowledgement, Ad Barry, Adam, Adam Bearden, Adam Carlucci, Adam Chang, Adam Christianson, Adam Cochrane, Adam Costello, Adam Egler, Adam Feldner, Adam Fernandes, Adam Frieberg, Adam Furgang, Adam Geiger, Adam Graham, Adam J Eberhardt, Adam J Hunter, Adam Jochu, Adam Kohr, Adam Kruvand, Adam Magen, Adam McAmis, Adam Nieman, Adam P. 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